The agile comms handbook
writing down the things I say in meetings

That's me holding my book, that is

I’ve written a book.

It’s called The agile comms handbook and you can buy a copy for £15 + shipping.

The book was edited by Amy McNichol, designed by Sonia Turcotte, and thank god because without their wisdom, kindness and patience, it would never have happened. It was inspired by lots and lots of talented, inspiring people I’ve worked with over the last decade or so.

This is very much a lo-fi indie publishing project. I’ve learned a lot about the publishing industry (in a word: bonkers) and a lot about printing and design. It was supposed to be announced a month ago, but got delayed for all sorts of reasons that I might explain in more detail another day.

It’s quite short - you can probably whizz through it in an afternoon.

OK that’s great Giles but what’s it about?

It’s about lots of things:

It’s for organisations that want to make the comms happen as fast as the work does.

It’s for people, teams and leaders who can’t understand why they’re not being understood.

It’s for anyone working on something who wants to document progress on it in real time.

Don’t buy it on Amazon

You might find some copies listed on Amazon - they’re leftovers from a previous phase of production and testing, during which I explored options for print-on-demand. If you buy one of these Amazon copies, the quality won’t be as good as the official version. So they’re best avoided in my opinion. Again, that’s a story I can tell you another day.

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(6 October 2021)