Agile communication tips

A series of posts written partly as notes to myself, partly as advice to colleagues, and partly as a way of getting a few things off my chest.

  1. Use the words that normal people use (2015)
  2. Use the human voice, not the corporate voice (2015)
  3. A blog is your brain, over time, on the internet (2015)
  4. Start in the middle when you get stuck writing (2016)
  5. Presenting is performance, so rehearse like it’s a show (2016)
  6. Doing the hard work to make talks readable (2016)
  7. Blog like there aren’t any rules (2016)
  8. What we mean when we say ‘Show the thing’ (2016)
  9. Thinking out loud about internal communication (2017)
  10. Pick a domain that’s easy to say (2017)
  11. Don’t say you’re a thought leader, just show you can think (2017)
  12. Digital is something you are (2017)
  13. Stickers tell tiny stories (2017)
  14. Thoughts about permission (2017)
  15. Strategic thinking with blogging and stickers (2018)
  16. Making better corporate video (2018)
  17. Collecting things (2018)
  18. Plan comms, not too much, mostly blogging (2018)
  19. Turn question slides into statements (2019)

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(19 October 2018)