Weeping time counts as writing time

A new set of cards. These ones are a joke, for people who saw my strategies for agile creatives project earlier this year.

Anti-strategies are little dark cards designed to make you feel worse about yourself, and worse about your work.

Your gut feeling got you into this mess in the first place

They're intended to slow you down, piss you off, demoralise you, make you question your skills as a writer, and leave you wondering whether you should ever put pen to paper again.

They're designed to make you give up, go home, and pour yourself a bottle of something that will make the misery go away.

They're black, of course. Because they hate you, and they hate me. They hate everything. They don't want to be on your team. They hate teams.

Who's the first person you would ask for help? Maybe get them to do it

Google your ex

OK, OK, they're not really any of these things. They're just a silly joke designed to make you laugh, but you will probably only get the gags if you're already familiar with the last lot.

Do you know any rich writers? Me neither

(I'm not planning to sell boxes of these like I did last time, but if you seriously want to buy some - and I can't imagine why you would, because they're very dark and quite sweary - then get in touch. They're likely to be (much) more expensive too, because I doubt I'll be making any bulk orders this time round.)

Try sobbing somewhere new

Thanks to Matt, Mark and Ella for their ideas and suggestions. Yes, it was one of those days in the office.

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(2nd September 2014)