Be charmingly pushy Speaking at the International Design in Government meetup

Yesterday I had the honour of speaking at the International Design in Government community meetup - the first of 2023.

The agenda was pretty simple. A short talk from me, skimming over the basic-est basics of working in the open followed by another short talk by Pamela Krosta-Hartl and Martin Jordan from Germany’s DigitalService. Pamela described the complexity of the bureaucracy over there, and the challenges they face getting agreement about comms (and I suspect abotu everything) from all the stakeholders and opinionhavers.

She came out with this brilliant piece of advice: “Be charmingly pushy.” Yes! I’ll be quoting her on that forever more, I think.

I particularly like the way the DigitalService website lists its projects, and links off to further information about all of them. They’re doing a good job of working openly via their blog posts too.

Thanks to the community organisers (Martin, Kara Kane and Paloma Jain) for inviting me along.