No x 4 As hand-written by Zara

This fine calligraphy is the work of my friend and former colleague Zara Farrar. I can’t remember where this snappy 4-liner came from, but I do remember that Zara was doing a lot of calligraphy practice at the time. She drew this beauty while sitting at her desk in Aviation House, and I asked if I could keep it.

It spent years in an envelope, on a shelf, at the back of a cupboard. Then I rediscovered it recently, bought a frame, and gave it the home it deserves.

It reminds me of working with Zara (a brilliant colleague), with the creative team at GDS (loads more of the same), of being in and around Holborn, of the weird quirks of working in that building, of that whole time of my life. Which was quite a good time, with a good team.

No nonsense, no bullshit, no buzzwords, no guff.