The value of your spoken words Helping you write like you speak

Selfie with my face in one corner; behind me a training room, with a handful of folks smiling and waving at the camera
Happy trainy people

Here’s a photo of some of the folks to came along to the last Working in the open training course, towards the end of last year.

This was taken towards the end of day 2, once we’d got to know each other a bit, and had some time to tell one another our stories.

That’s part of the point of this course: it gives you a chance to explain your work verbally to other people, and turn that verbal explanation into words on a page.

I’ve encountered loads of teams that fail to communicate because they struggle with the writing part. For lots of people, it feels so daunting.

My training course aims to make you feel more relaxed about it all, by helping you see the value of your own spoken words, and using those as the basis for your writing.

Fancy coming? This is the link to click.