Things people say about my working in the open training course Didn't make these up honest

Here are some bits of feedback I got back from course attendees after the session last year:

“In a beautifully relaxed, creative and amusing way, Giles’ Working in the Open course gave me the kick up the behind I needed to be braver in how I work and communicate.” - Helen Boardman

“If you’re convinced by the principle of ‘working in the open’ but maybe just need some practical guidance on how best to apply it in your organisation then I can heartily recommend it.” - Zach Moss, weeknote-writer

“Insightful, incredibly useful and immediately applicable.” - Rich Holman

“I highly recommend this course” - Emily Colman

“I really recommend this course with @gilest” - Angela Moore

Masterclass feedback

These are some anonymous comments about the masterclass I did with Staatslabor last year (being repeated again in April this year):

“If I could choose one word to describe the masterclass on agile government comms, it would be inspiring.”

“That was  wonderful - moved me greatly to be guided by Giles through all the years where I have been able to benefit from the things openly shared. And our questions/reactions as participants speak volumes about why it is such big steps for us to do similar things. Where it’s actually not a big deal at all.”

“Thanks for providing this really inspiring insight! I took loads of ideas with me.”

“I feel really uplifted and inspired by this talk.”