What's changed round here New CMS! New CSS!

So yes, during the Christmas break I posted a brief call for help:

I can’t maintain this website manually any more, I need a CMS or something to make it easier. So I’m on the lookout for professional help - I have a budget, I’m happy to pay someone.

Charles Roper saw that, and put me in touch with his pal James Drever. And over the last week or so, James has been providing exactly the help I was after.

James and I have a lot in common and instantly got along very well, and it was a total joy working with someone who instantly got where I was coming. Someone who understood why I’d maintained a hand-coded website for so long, and saw the value in it.

Indeed, James pointed out that my amateurish HTML efforts scored a perfect 100 in performance-measuring tool Core Web Vitals:

A screenshot of being tested by Core Web Vitals, and scoring 100%
100% oh yes

Wow, ok. I never intended to make something that performed like that, but this high score is more a reflection on my ignorance than on my skill. I learned how to write HTML in the 1990s, when the web was young. I never learned to do anything more complicated. The old way - the simple way - is still the best if you want to optimise for performance.

It’s Kirby underneath

This new incarnation of is different in the following ways:

And thanks to James, it still scores 100 on the Core Web Vitals performance test. Oh yes.

We still have a few more tweaks and changes to add. Nothing fancy mind. If you spot anything weird or broken, give me a shout. There’s bound to be bugs, right?