Bad transport poetry

Photo by Alice Bartlett
Thanks to Alice Bartlett for the photo

Buy now: £5 (including delivery)

Bad transport poetry is a collection of really awful poems about trains and buses and the things I think when I'm travelling on them. Which is quite often.

It was originally a publication for Little Printer, and consequently only visible to people who owned such a thing.

Now Little Printer has faded into the west of the web, so my terrible poems have a new home as a newspaper. You can buy a copy for £5, which includes delivery. Yay!

Be warned: the poetry is not good. It is of Vogon-like awfulness, and likely to get progressively worse if and when I write any more.

It's not always poetry about bad transport. But it is always bad poetry about transport.

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(Written: 15th October 2013. Updates: 13th June 2014, 24th October 2014)