How to play balloony

Me and B playing balloony

Ever since my son was very small, he and I have been playing a game we invented - an indoor variant of tennis that we call balloony. Here's how to play it.

Now you're ready to play.

The object of the game is to be the first person to score 20 points.

You score 1 point for getting the balloon to touch the floor on your opponent's side of the playing area.

When one player reaches 10 points, the players swap sides (even if the score is 10-0).

After a player scores a point, the opposing player gets to serve to restart the game.

That's all the basics covered, but there are a few more rules and tips you need to know:

Possible game variations include:

That's it. Hope you enjoy playing balloony!

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(8th January 2015)