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Update: This event has now been postponed. More details when I have them.

Bradford on Avon, where I live, is a small town with a lot of people who have bright ideas.

Beyond Curious is a community event to give some of those people a chance to spread their ideas further.

For the afternoon and into the evening of Friday 13 May 2022, join us for a series of short lively talks and delicious food and drink.

Tickets cost £50 - buy yours now.

The price includes tea, coffee and snacks in the afternoon, followed by a cocktail and a hot buffet-style meal in the evening. All of this in the tasteful and welcoming surroundings of Cassia.

We’re still assembling our list of speakers, but right now they include political activist Helen Belcher, urbanist Pepper Barney and gerontologist Michelle Hawkins-Collins – all of them generously giving up their time for free, for which the organisers are very grateful.

My company, Use the human voice is supporting this event by:

This is a non-for-profit community event, designed to bring people together, and inspire creative and curious thoughts.

Buy a ticket now and join us on 13 May. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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(13 April 2022)