Blockbox loves your work
but Anti Blockbox doesn't displayed on an iPhone, with Anti Blockbox on a computer screen in the background is a set of ideas and prompts to help you re-think your writing project.

When you're stuck, go to for an idea. Do what it says.

The project used to be made of printed cards (see project history below), but I didn't have the time or capital to invest in printing them at scale, so they sold out pretty quickly. Rather than making empty promises to print more at some unspecified future date, I thought it might be easier for everyone if I switched from atoms to bits. Hence the new digital version at

An Anti Blockbox card saying 'Your mum liking it doesn't mean it's any good'

If you’re in the right mood, you can also try Anti Blockbox, a set of prompts from a parallel universe that hate you and your stupid idea. Anti Blockbox doesn't want you to succeed. Anti Blockbox thinks you're an idiot, and will tell you so repeatedly. Anti Blockbox knows all the bullshit that writers say to make themselves feel better, and can see right through it. Be warned: Anti Blockbox contains misery, low self-esteem and swearing.

Send questions and feedback about Blockbox and Anti Blockbox to

Thanks for inspiration and help: Brian Eno and lots of people who work (or used to work) for #gdsteam.

Project history:

First version
Alpha version, 2014

Blockbox cards beta
Published version, 2014-2015

Blockbox cards
Published version, 2014-2015

A Blockbox card that says 'Your gut feeling is probably right'
Digital version, January 2017

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(30th January 2017)