Bus ghosts



You know when it's winter, and you board a London bus and feel the heat from all the bodies as you beep your Oyster card on the little card reader next to the driver, and you hop up the stairs two at a time to find a seat up there, because who wants to sit on the lower deck? No-one.


And you know how on those days when you get up to the top you can't see the world around the bus, because every window is completely misted up and it's like the bus is wrapped in a translucent duvet and no-one has cleaned or cleared or wiped any of the windows because they're all buried deep in their phones, but outside the weather's bright and the light is good and the misted windows act like a filter, and your view of the outside world is shifted towards the infra-smog?




Set your camera to snap focus mode, and point it out through those misty windows and don't bother to wipe yourself a view, and watch the bus ghosts on the pavements and the streets as you pass by, they're translucent too because the light and the mist and the windows are doing that, so people become blobs of colour and movement against the grey of London, and every time the bus halts you can click and capture them and miniaturise them in misty blurry hazy pixels.

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(10th December 2014)