My butterfly friend
an unexpected visit

Butterfly on my finger

So there I was, just bumming about in the garden, not really doing anything interesting or unusual, when this butterfly appeared from nowhere to say hello and enjoy a short nap on my finger.

Of course I didn’t know it was going to do that.

When it landed, I thought, “You’ll be gone in 5 seconds.”

But it stayed. Sitting there, on my finger. For ages.

Butterfly on my finger

I wondered – with little hope – if I might be able to reach for my camera and snap a photo before butterfly pal flew off. So verrrrry slowly, and verrrrry carefully, I stepped into the house. Then with my remaining butterfly-free hand, I unzipped my camerabag, switched on my camera, and lifted it up to take a shot.

This is it, I thought as I lifted. As soon as the camera’s ready, it’ll disappear.

But the butterfly stayed. And stayed. And stayed. I took loads of photos while it sat (and potentially napped, it was hard to tell) on my finger.

Then – zip, flap flap, whoosh – gone.

And afterwards my main thought was: Thank gawd I had the right lens attached.

(17 April 2011)