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Keeping the faith, a Creation compilation

Since moving into my office back in November last year, I’ve been making good use of the 15-minute drive there and back to listen to my CD collection.

Each morning before setting out, I tweet about my choice for the day, complete with a photo.

Now I’ve made an album of all the photos. In these days of pandemics and streaming music services, browsing through those photos is probably the closest you’re going to get to visiting my house and perusing what’s on my CD shelves with your own eyes.

That used to be a thing, of course. As a teenager and a young man, every time I was invited into someone’s home I’d gravitate towards their music collection - whether it was vinyl or cassette or CDs, or (usually) a mixture of all of them. There was no easier way to understand someone, or make a connection, than to see what music they’d bought and treasured.

I miss that.

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(29 May 2021)