Charlotte's birthday in Oxford

Kate and I went to Oxford for the weekend to see our old pal Charlotte as she celebrated turning 30. We went to a posh new restaurant called Branca, a cocktail bar, a pub, and a nightclub (although Kate and I wimped out of the clubbing bit cos we're crap)

Claire arrives (640x480, 35kb) Kate has a lovely hat (480x640, 55kb) Giles looks stern on the bus (480x640, 63kb) In Branca (640x480, 113kb) Smiley Claire (640x480, 77kb) Angus concentrates (640x480, 98kb) Mark concentrates (640x480, 83kb) Ginny and Steve pour more wine (640x480, 101kb) Angus and Caroline (640x480, 129kb) Claire and Kate (640x480, 97kb) Spooky stuff (640x480, 64kb) Claire and Kate again (640x480, 79kb) Mark looks thoughtful (640x480, 63kb) Ginny and Steve look thoughtful (640x480, 96kb) Charlotte fades out (480x640, 45kb) Mmm, tasty (640x480, 122kb) Morning after - Mark (640x480, 74kb)

The next morning was very bright and we went for a walk along the canal into town, before gorging on cream cakes. The sky overhead was criss-crossed with vapour trails.

Decor (480x640, 119kb) Reading (640x480, 91kb) The criss-crossed skies over Oxford (640x480, 78kb) Mark and Caroline (640x480, 92kb)

Professional photographer Angus wanted to play with my digicam, so he took these ones:

Kate and arm (640x480, 62kb) Mark close-up  (480x640, 55kb) Kate and fingers (480x640, 59kb) AGF00053 (480x640, 54kb)

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