Chatty owl


There's a chatty owl outside our house tonight. We hear him fairly often, hooting his way through the late hours, but this evening he's on top form. Hoot.

Hoot. Hoot. We're moving house soon, to a town and out of the remote isolation of the countryside, (hoot) but (hoot) this is one of the few things that I shall really miss about living out here, so far from everything.

The owl, the other (hoot) birds, and the stars. Hoot. On cloudless (hoot) evenings, the stars put on a spectacular show above our village (now the church bells (hoot) have started ringing (hoot)), epic in their contrast against the rural darkness.

We're moving away from this idyl, (hoot) but we shan't regret it. Yes, we'll miss these delightful aspects of rural living, but we shall also gain so much from living in a town near public transport, shops, entertainment and friends. Hoot.


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(20th January 2004)