An idea for self-service checkouts
Move this down here

Here’s a little idea I had months ago – you can tell, because this is a photo I took in the real world, in a shop, before everything went weird.

I was buying something in WH Smiths in Paddington Station. I can’t remember what it was, probably a Twix or something. Anyway the self service checkouts had little charity pots perched on them asking for small change. There’s not enough space for them, so they end up blocking the slot where the receipts come out. And they’re held in place with little metal chains.

And I thought: wouldn’t it be great if there was a cylindrical slot in the front of the machine, into which you could insert a different charity pot every week or so?

Let the small change fall directly into them. Or make it easy to sweep the coins you don’t want into a little hole. Or something.

That’s something we can all think about when going into WH Smiths to buy a Twix is a thing that can happen again.

So there you go, that was my idea. Back to yer Zoom calls.

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(13 May 2020)