Some videos about content design
Short snippets of me

Screenshot of the videos list from YouTube

A few weeks ago, I was commissioned by Alastair Lee at Panda to create a high-level introduction to content design and writing for the web, as part of the Catalyst Definition Programme for charities.

The result is this series of short videos that you can watch on YouTube.

Each one is just a few minutes, and each one introduces one aspect of content design thinking. They’re intended to explain the simplest basics, and encourage people to dive deeper and find out more from other sources (eg the Content Design book, by Sarah Richards).

This was a fun little project, turned around quickly. Keen-eyed viewers will spot that I tried to record each one in one take … this required a fair few failed attempts, and possibly just one or two swear words. All removed from the final edit, you’ll be reassured to hear.

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(26 March 2021)