Colours in Copenhagen
briefly, in a lovely city

Orange light in the history museum

I liked Copenhagen. Going there had been on my todo list for years - no, decades - and K and I treated ourselves to the trip as a 20th anniversary present.

A sign that reads 'shop run by the artists'

Abstract colours and lines in the design museum

We had two wet days and two dry sunny days. We walked much too far on day 1, and managed to ruin our legs for exploring on day 2. But that was ok, because we quickly got the hang of the transport system.

The green of the sea contrasting with the bright yellow of a water bus

Greens and blues in the water

A row of bikes parked in front of a rainbow striped wall

We don’t live in a city, so cities still feel adventurous places to visit. Copenhagen’s a lovely city, and in four days we barely saw the tiniest fraction of it. I’d like to go back for longer, and spend time exploring beyond the centre. Ideally on a bike. Then again, I say that about a lot of places I visit.

Orange highlights in a dark cafe

A bright red wall in Superkilen urban park

A yellow bus and brightly decorated architecture

There’s never enough time. There’s just never enough time.

(3 May 2017)