Current listening

Since starting the new job and spending a lot more time on trains between here and London, I've had to start thinking about how I fill those commuting hours. As a home-working freelancer for over a decade, this never used to be something I had to think about. That's changed now.

I've invested in good headphones and put my mind to some listening. Catching up with radio, podcasts and other bits of audio that I find lurking on the internet. Here's a list of things that have been tickling my earflaps recently.

John Peel shows

The Perfumed Garden is a blog that posts recordings of John Peel shows. They have hundreds of them and, I hope, hundreds more yet to come. I've got a pile of the mp3 files downloaded and I'm working my way through them. Each show is as-broadcast, so you get a very authentic Peel experience. That includes classic Peelisms, Peel mistakes ("Oops, that should be a 45"), even the jingles for other shows and occasional vintage news reports. Fantastic stuff.


Other things

What else should I listen to? Let me know.

(17th April 2015)