Many browsers make light work
if you wrangle em right

Default Browser menu item for MacOS

The way I work means I usually have multiple projects and clients all competing for brain space at the same time. It gets a bit messy, and I make a point of keeping lots of notes to remind my future self what’s what.

Another recent iteration of this method is to use a free MacOS app called Default Browser to manage which browser is my default at any particular time.

It lives in the Menu Bar and lets you choose your default browser in a couple of clicks. So you can switch your default as and when you need to, as often as you like. It’s an extra couple of clicks, but a lot less hassle than copy-and-pasting URLs from the wrong browser into the right one.

My personal life lives in Safari. Work is split across Chrome and Firefox. It really helps if I can click a link in a non-browser app (like Mail, or Calendar, or Zoom, or whatever) and see it open in the right browser, logged into the right account, with the right permissions. Saves a lot of copy-pasting, and a fair amount of swearing.

Filed under: computers
(14 July 2021)