Trying to meet a few needs

A screenshot of the new look

In 2017 I met Russell for coffee and ended up making a website. It was Doing presentations and it was intended to be a blog-ish way of writing up all the things that Russell, Ella, Matthew and I know about doing presentations.

As often happens with projects like this, our initial enthusiasm waned and the flood of new ideas became a trickle, then faded out.

But: lots of people found the site useful. I know this because they told me, usually verbally and face-to-face.

They also told me how it could be better. Feedback I got from people was almost always basically one of the following:

Meeting user needs

So I’ve given Doing presentations a fresh lick of CSS paint, and re-organised the content to hopefully meet those needs.

It’s now split into logical sections, so it’s easier to find the stuff you need.

The content is broken down into simple summaries (a headline plus just a couple of lines of text), which then send you to more detail about each thing. So it’s easier to skim through the stuff you already know.

It no longer looks like a blog, so hopefully it will look less abandoned.

Hopefully it’s a better website as a result. Needless to say, I’ll be happy to do further iterations. Perhaps even more often than once every 2 years, you never know.

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(27 Feb 2019)