What it's like working with an editor
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Here’s a little thing I made: What it’s like working with an editor.

It’s a short set of notes intended to help people feel more comfortable about being edited.

One thing I’ve noticed in recent years is that being edited is always a new experience for someone, and for many of them, it’s intimidating. Sometimes even terrifying.

There’s an unspoken power dynamic that people see in the editing relationship: something, I think, that’s an echo of the education system. Your teachers and your university tutors are the editors you grow up with, and their job is to edit to get you a better grade.

But editing in the real world, beyond education, is different. The goal is different: to get you a better text, that does the job it was intended to do. The relationship is different too: collaborative, not controlling.

So these notes are intended to help people understand that relationship better. Hopefully they help newcomers understand what’s going through an editor’s mind, and why they make the changes they do, and say the things they say.

There you go. That’s what it’s like working with an editor.

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(5 September 2022)