Ending Monochrome
more feels than photos

A blurry monochrome logo

I’ve just sent the final Monochrome email.

I started the newsletter on a whim (always a bad idea), mainly because I wanted to find out more about Substack. Well, now I know about Substack. I won’t be using it for anything else, I don’t think.

I thought it would be a newsletter about black and white photography, but a few things happened (I kinda lost my photo mojo in recent years, and there was a pandemic) and it ended up being more about feelings. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing; it was a thing, though.

It never got a lot of subscribers (mere dozens, no more than that) but every time I met someone in real life who’d seen it, they always said nice things. Interestingly, most people called it “void” or “your void thing” or “your void blog” because of my habit of starting every post with “Hello void.” Fair enough.

Anyway, the void has heard enough from me and my feelings, and there are other things I need to focus my mind on. Sometimes the best thing to do is stop.

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(23 September 2021)