Farewell Frank
Our floofy friend has gone


Last week we said goodbye to our much-loved furry friend, Frank.


Frank and his almost-sister Lottie became part of our family back in 2012, tiny kittens rescued from separate streets in separate towns, but placed together at the rescue centre and seemingly inseparable from then on.


After a kittenhood of tearing around and making a racket, Frank settled into a standard large cat routine of sleeping, eating and getting into occasional arguments with other cats in the street. He wasn’t top cat by any means, but he defended his territory as he saw fit.

Sometimes he caught creatures, and brought them home for us.

The rest of the time he floofed about and slept on our laps and asked for cuddles and purred whenever you scratched his head. We scratched his head a lot.


Bye bye Frank. We loved you very much, and you loved us too, and that means a lot from a cat.

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(2 August 2021)