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More Greece
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For the final couple of days we caught a boat back to Athens and stayed in a hotel there. Obviously we went to the Acropolis.





Even at 8am it was crazy hot and crazy busy. We expected that. I hadn’t appreciated the scale of the ancient ruins, and how far they extend beyond the Acropolis itself. We didn’t have time to explore much further, but at least from up there we could take in the view and see the size of the city.



We did some museums. The Acropolis museum, an impressive place in terms of its scale and detail. Lots to take in there if you want to, and I particularly liked the way the upper floor recreates the upper levels of the Acropolis itself, allowing you to walk around them as if you’re walking in thin air. A nice idea, very nicely presented.

I was also really pleased to see the actual Antikythera Mechanism in the National Archaeological Museum. Again, it was well presented with replicas (both virtual and physical) to help you understand what it once looked like and how it worked.



Our Athens hotel was a stone’s throw from the Acropolis, and had a rooftop hot tub. We took a dip as the afternoon became the evening, before heading out for pizza.

We liked Greece. I think we’ll be going back one day, if we can.

(3 Oct 2017)