A hand-made website

This website is hand-made. I write HTML in BBEdit and maintain a copy of the site in a folder on my computer. To publish, I use Transmit to sync the files up to my web host.

To simplify that second step, I used Apple's Automator to create an app that opens Transmit, syncs the required folders, and quits itself. So whenever I want to sync, I just open Alfred, type "sync gilest", and let it do the work for me while I get on with something else.

I do it this way because it feels like the right way. Wordpress is a lovely publishing tool, but I don't want the hassle of maintaining it and keeping it secure. There are many other software products I could use to simplify running my website, but setting them up and getting used to them would require another investment of time.

So yes, I'm stuck in my ways. I don't care. I have total control over the stuff I publish to the web. I can share things with anyone, anywhere, simply by copying-and-pasting a URL. It works for me.

(23rd October 2014)