A hand-made website
copy and paste wins

This website is hand-made. I write HTML in BBEdit and maintain a copy of the site in a folder on my computer. To publish, I use Transmit to sync the files up to my web host.

To simplify that second step, I used Apple's Automator to create an app that opens Transmit, syncs the required folders, and quits itself. So whenever I want to sync, I just open Alfred, type "sync gilest", and let it do the work for me while I get on with something else.

This is how websites were made back in the early days. This is how I learned the basics of HTML some time in the mid-90s, and taught myself how to make simple web pages.

What worked then still works now. It is no more difficult to maintain a website this way than it ever used to be. Web professionals might think I’m mad to do it this way, when there are so many more modern ways of doing it these days. But the method I use is the method that works for me.

I do it this way because it feels like the right way. Wordpress is a lovely publishing tool, but I don't want the hassle of maintaining it and keeping it secure. There are many other software products I could use to simplify running my website, but setting them up and getting used to them would require another investment of time.

So yes, I'm stuck in my ways. I don't care. I have total control over the stuff I publish to the web. I can share things with anyone, anywhere, simply by copying-and-pasting a URL. Again: it works for me.

(23rd October 2014)