Happy birthday, book!
1 year old today

My book with a birthday candle

The agile comms handbook is one year old today. Happy birthday, book! Time flies etc.

In that time I’ve sold over 1200 print copies, and just over 100 digital copies. There was an initial big spike in the fortnight after publication day, which has since settled down into an easier-to-manage long-tail trickle. Now I’m selling roughly 3-10 copies per week, on average.

This means I’ve covered the costs involved in getting it designed, edited and printed, and made a small profit.

More importantly, the book has done the job it was written for: broadening my professional horizons a bit. It has helped me find new clients, reach new contacts, and even make new friends. Excellent.

There’s now a training course to go with it, and you can sign up for tickets.

I owe its success to a bunch of other people:

If you’ve bought a copy: thank you too.

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(6 October 2022)