Our honeymoon in India
canals in Kerala

Summer 1997: for our honeymoon, Kate and I went to Kerala in southern India. It was extremely hot, and mostly lazy. We stayed in an expensive hotel (for the first time ever) and did a little exploring in the local area. But we saw only a tiny fraction of Kerala.

Just north-east of the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, there are extensive waterways edging the coast. You can get a guided tour on a huge wicker-topped boat.

The locals are friendly, of course. These good-natured lads were cheeky and naturally demanded cash for allowing me to take their picture.

Kate and I on the boat. Because she lost her camera soon after we got back, this is the only picture we have of the two of us together.

Spooky forests on the way up to a hill station. A few hundred metres further uphill, the forest gives way to tea plantations.

Fresh coconut on the beach at Kovalam. Exotic, but we couldn’t finish a whole one between us.

Us on the mountains. Boy was it hot.

Did I mention how hot it was? We could only sit out by the pool in the late afternoon.

The palm trees don’t offer much respite from the sun.

Sunsets over the beach. Every evening we saw one of these from our hotel.

We were just one more couple of tourists.

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(Date unknown, around 1997)