Long weekend in Ireland
inc Skellig Michael


A long weekend on the west coast of Ireland, and a day trip to Skellig Michael.

A very short holiday, but one of the best ones. My first ever trip to Ireland, and oooooh gosh isn’t it beautiful? I want to go back.


Skellig Michael – filming location for Luke Skywalker’s hideaway in Star Wars – is something else. Home to a bazillion puffins, who are tame to the point of ridiculousness. They waddle past you on the footpath, and swoop over your head with a beakful of fish. Cute little nutters.



And the island is just as bonkers: a sharp spike of rock, poking out of the sea like a rude gesture. Up yours, it says. Stay away.

But people have never stayed away. Some used to live here, I can’t even begin to imagine how. But they did.



Ireland captured me a bit; or it captured a bit of me. One or the other.

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(12 July 2018)