Last day in Plymouth
It's nice there

A view of Plymouth

I’ve been spending a day or two a week in Plymouth for the best part of a year. Last Thursday was my last visit, as the contract I was working on came to an end.

I like Plymouth. Even after all these visits, I feel like I barely know it, but the bits I’ve seen were interesting bits. It has a lot of history and a lot of character. It reminds me of my home town, Folkestone.

The sea defines the city and shapes its people. The coast alternates between untamed rocky outcrops and human-made docks and harbours. When you look out from the shore to the sea at night, the darkness is speckled with twinkling lights on vessels, islands and headlands.

It’s often raining. It’s usually a couple of degrees colder than everywhere else. It has lots of open space and fresh air. You can feel the freshness as you walk round. There’s some nice pubs. Plymouth. Yes.

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(7 Sep 2018)