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I done a podcast

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining Len Epp as a guest on the Frontmatter podcast, Leanpub’s own show about authors and publishing. A chance to plug The agile comms handbook.

Now the episode has been published: you can listen on Leanpub, or in all the usual places where you get podcasts. (There’s also a full transcript on that Leanpub page, if you’d prefer to read.)

Here’s me on working in the open:

“That aspect of humility, of acknowledging that you - even though you are a government department with responsibility for policy in a particular area, acknowledging that you still don’t know all the answers - that takes enormous courage.”

And on using the word “agile”:

“If you have a team working on any output, and the nature of the output changes from one week to the next - which, hopefully it does - then there are ways that you can write about that work. There are ways that you can organize your team to write about that work, in such a way that you can update your blog or you can make some note or public announcement or something. You can talk about your work as fast as the work is moving.”

And on how people learn how to write:

“By the time you’ve come out of your education at whatever level, and you start in the world of work, my theory is that you’ve had years and years of instruction in how to write in one particular way. The chances are that you’re pretty good at writing in that particular way. But it’s not necessarily a way of writing that is well-suited for communicating complex ideas to busy people.”

My thanks to Len and the Leanpub team for inviting me on, it was a lot of fun to take part.

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(9 March 2022)