Lights on the Lizzie Line
bolder and brighter

Being in London this week gave me a few opportunities to ride the wonderful new Elizabeth Line. It’s huge, it’s fast, it’s lovely.



One thing that struck me was the lighting design in the enormous new stations. On the platforms, there are these huge strips of lights suspended above the platform-edge doors. They point towards the curved walls, bouncing light off of them.



It’s all curves, everywhere, and they’re all used for bouncing light. Lights in pillars bounce light in curved stripes around all the corridors and passageways. It makes the place feel warmer, friendlier, relaxed-er. Everything’s so enormous. Connecting to one of the older lines immediately feels cramped and squashed.



On the escalators, lights in the bits-between-the-handrails do the same thing, sending light up to the ceilings without blinding you as you travel up and down.

The Lizzie Line is a wonderful gift for London, and a pleasure to ride. Well done everyone.

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(2 July 2022)