Sponsoring the Low Carbon Design Institute
An institution in the making

Low Carbon Design Institute logo

Use the human voice is five this year, and I’m celebrating by putting something back into communities and causes that I think are important.

That’s why I’ve decided to sponsor this year’s residencies at the Low Carbon Design Institute, a project by the wonderful Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino.

Alex describes it as “an institution in the making”, and my goodness what a good idea for something that should become an institution. There’s no doubt we need to create a low carbon society, and doing that will be a multi-decade effort. Of course someone should be thinking about design for it; of course it makes sense to fund smart people to take time out to think for a few days, and share their thoughts with others.

That’s what the residency enables; that’s why sponsorship helps.

This year’s programme already looks amazing, and Alex will be announcing more speakers in the next couple of weeks.

And there’s still time to apply to take part as a resident, and still time to sign up as a sponsor. Fancy being part of an institution in the making? This is the best way I can think of.

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(17 May 2022)