Lockdown quizzes

During the pandemic, we did some video call quiz nights with a group of friends. Each family had to come up with one quiz round each.

These are some of the rounds I came up with:

Name that English county - guess the names of the counties by the outline map. Download: PDF - PowerPoint

Answer the riddle - Download: TXT

Gardening general knowledge - Download: TXT

Name that thing from space - a selection of space-themed people and places to identify. Download: PDF - PowerPoint

Scavenger hunt - a game designed for a video call for families with kids. The idea is that each family gathers around one device. Each round sends people running around their house looking for increasingly ridiculous (but very findable) items, and bringing them back before the time runs out. You’ll need a Master of Ceremonies to act as quizmaster and points-giver. Download: PDF - PowerPoint

Name that Harrison Ford movie - Download: PDF - PowerPoint

Name that bird - Download: PDF - PowerPoint