Blog posts in book form

Photograph of the Luvly book

Buy now: £7 (plus postage)

A few years ago I made a book out of some old bits of internet.

Luvly is a collection of blog posts, bits of writing, silly poems, observations and attempts at humour that were posted on various incarnations of this website between 2002 and 2009.

It included some things you can still read here, such as Breakfast with the White Stripes, Accident and Emergency, and Nursery rhyme insurance claims. But there's also loads of stuff in it that has long fallen victim to linkrot and my own misguided, repeated attempts to rebuild this whole site using a different CMS every year or so. Pfft. I'm such an idiot.

Anyway, I thought Luvly had similarly disappeared - but no, it's still there on, and you can buy it for seven fine English pounds.

Most of it is blog posts, and most of them are pretty short, so it's not exactly #longreads. But it's quite good for reading on the loo.

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(14th May 2014)