Quick break in Menton
not the weather we expected

Sea from from Menton beach

We went for a short break in Menton, right down in the bottom-right corner of France. It’s closer to Italy than it is to the rest of France. You can pop to Italy for lunch, or just to buy some milk. Many locals do.

We’d expected lots of lovely hot sunny weather, and booked a tiny apartment close to the beach, thinking we’d spend lots of time sitting on the sand. But the weather gods decided that Menton should be cloudy, rainy and quite chilly this week.

Crossing into Italy

So we improvised with day trips: going to Nice to explore, and heading into Italy for the weekly market.

There was some sun, and we did sit on beaches a bit. Just not as much as we’d hoped.

I love this part of the world, not least for the superb train links along this beautiful coast. The views from the train windows are always amazing.

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(31 May 2016)