Say no to notifications
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The only way I've found to make Yosemite shut up

— Giles Turnbull (@gilest) December 3, 2014

I switch off notifications from as many applications as possible, on as many devices as possible, as often as possible.

I do it because I don’t want or need to know when I get incoming email. I’ll find out about that next time I look at my email.

It’s the same with Twitter. I don’t need to know about new faves, new follows or new anything else at the moment it happens - I can find out later, when it suits me, when I have the time to look at Twitter.

Notifications are an interruption. Very few of them tell you anything important. Switching them off won’t mean you miss new information, it just means you’ll find it at a time that suits you. Later.

I’ve heard people complain about the number and frequency of notifications they get on their phones, but I think that’s daft. Notifications are optional. You can opt out. Say no to them.

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(27th November 2015)