Week 1 in my new office
Productivity 💯


After months of working in a cramped spare room, I decided the time had come to rent a workspace of my own.

This week was my first week there, and I’m really pleased with the decision.

I’ve rented a business unit on an industrial estate. It’s far too big for one person, but the space is a real joy. I have loads of wall to cover with notes, plenty of space to sit or stand while working, and my own bathroom and kitchenette. It’s completely Covid-safe.

And while it’s big, it’s not expensive. A similar-size space in the centre of Bath would be, but this is a unit on an industrial estate on the edge of town. The price reflects the location.

This first week has meant doing experiments with the space and getting used to it; understanding how the heating works, how much noise there is from the neighbours (very little), what there is to see nearby if I want to go for a lunch break walk.

It feels good, and I feel 10 times more productive there than at home.

Which is a good job, because this week it’s felt like there’s been 10 times as much work to do.

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(13 November 2020)