The old bonds
Transcontinental friendships

Me, Charlotte, Caroline, Claire

There are some bonds that time can’t break; all it can do is lean on them, so that they stretch.

I’ve known these women for over 30 years, since we were all fresh-faced 18- and 19-year-olds enjoying our first few days at university.

One still lives within driving distance, and we see each other every few months. Another lives in the USA, and it’s been years, and seeing her again was such a joy and so easy. Despite the distance, despite the time it’s been, we’re still much the same as we were back then. We remember the same jokes; we make them again and they’re still funny.

One more became a successful global travel writer, spending her days exploring the ends of the Earth that most of us will never reach because we’re so busy sending emails and preparing for the next meeting.

All of them the finest of friends you could wish for; all of them together in one place, for two or three precious hours, on a sunny day at the end of a pandemic. What bliss.

A thought: more of us should pick up the phone and just call people, more often. It’s as easy as being friends for 30 years, but it’s not the done thing these days. That seems silly.

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(29 August 2022)