I ❤️ Pembrokeshire
beaches and that


We spent a week in Pembrokeshire. It’s got everything you need. We took the beach stuff we already had, and I had a bit of a binge in this shop and bought some more things we didn’t have. And last year we broke a spade, so we needed a new spade.



Aberaeron is a pretty seaside town, where almost every house is painted a different colour. Most of them gentle pastels, some more vibrant. It was cloudy, so the pictures came out muted. Maybe that’s better.



We went on a spectacular walk around Dinas Island, all clifftop paths and sea birds and fantastic views along the coastline. K doesn’t enjoy clifftops much, so she found it quite stressful. But we all thought it was worth the stress for such a beautiful walk.


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(03 Sept 2017)