People are great, generally
when you get them together

A moody black and white macro photo of a droplet of water on my phone screen, reflected so that it looks like a bubble
Dammit, spilled water on my phone again

People are great, generally. You could feel that in the room when I ran my first 2-day Working in the open training course, in collaboration with Content Design London. It was a small group, made slightly smaller by a couple of last-minute dropouts, but we gelled well; there were some golden moments when participants started helping one another with communication problems. I’m hoping to do more sessions like this; watch this space for dates.


Apart from that, I’ve been quiet on the internet recently because we’ve had a bereavement in the family. Lots to do and think about. We’re travelling for a funeral next week. Simultaneously, there have been days when there’s not much for me to do; so I’ve had some quiet days on my own, pottering around the house, catching up on un-done overdue tasks, answering long-ignored emails from the accountant, sitting about and listening to music, that sort of thing. It’s a sad time, but it’s also good to have the time to let go of work for a bit, and unwind the brain.


Finally, Maya Leinenbach’s vegan recipe book is available to buy in the UK. For ages, eager buyers like me living in this desperate Tory-blighted chasm of awfulness were shown a simple message: “Sorry, this book is not available in the UK”. Not any more. This must be the sunlit uplands, then? Hooray!

I’ve sort of given up on Instagram because it’s so unpleasant to use, but Maya’s simple healthy recipes are always a highlight in my Insta feed. Now I have the book, I won’t have to tap myopically on Insta posts to try and read - then memorise - each one, while grumbling “Why can’t you copy and paste from this damn thing?” under my breath. Also hooray!


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(28 October 2022)