Perpignan, etc
A short break in France


We stayed in a tiny village a few miles from Perpignan. Smack in the middle of wine country - getting to the village from any direction means driving for at least 20 minutes through miles and twisty mountain roads, with vineyards filling every possible piece of usable land.



Down the road was the Lac de Caramany; there’s a 12 mile hike you can do around it, but we didn’t do that this time. Maybe next time. Further on there’s an ancient Roman aqueduct crossing the valley. We saw it from a distance, twinkling in the morning sun. Apparently you can walk inside it. Again; next time.



Le site des Orgues is a fascinating geological feature, the remains of ancient shallow sea bed sands slowly being eroded away by the rain. Best go and see it soon, it’s probably only got about another 100,000 years left before it disappears completely.



A long drive took us to Carcassone, on an unseasonably cold and damp spring day. We wandered the narrow cobbled lanes of the ancient city and browsed the museum. Bet it’s lovely on a hot summer evening.




Perpignan was pretty, and with the help of a satnav not even that hard to drive around. The sand on nearby Canet beach was the softest, goldenest sand I’ve seen for a long time.

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(17 April 2019)