A simple portfolio HTML template

28 February 2023

Screenshot of the empty template index page

A short while ago, I asked Elliott Cost to do some design work on my work website at I picked Elliott because I wanted to work with someone who was inspired by indieweb production techniques: copy-and-paste, SFTP for the win, keep it all simple because it doesn’t need to be complicated. I encouraged Elliott to stay away from “normal” corporate web style - I was very keen to avoid the unbearable sameness of the modern web.

I’ve admired Elliott’s work for a while now. He created things like, and some delightful HTML/CSS templates . Check out his portfolio of work too. Elliott’s style isn’t for everyone, but I think it’s brilliant.

So, Elliott designed the new look for Use the human voice , gave it some simple navigation links, decent dark mode support, and a bunch of other things. I’m really pleased with it - although my recent experience of using Kirby for this website makes me think I might make the same conversion over there too, in time.

Elliott and I agreed that the UTHV template should be made available for free, for others to use and play around with. So, if you want, you can: