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things I've made, or helped to make

A photo of the proof copy of Sarah Richards' book, Content Design, while I was editing it

Content Design — I edited this book written by Sarah Richards and designed by Mark Hurrell. Read the reviews and buy a copy on Amazon UK.

Screenshot of website

Doing Presentations — a website that aggregates tips and advice about doing presentations from Russell Davies, Ella Fitzsimmons, Matthew Sheret and me.

It's ok poster

It’s ok — an experiment in induction and corporate culture for the Government Digital Service. The poster, designed by Sonia Turcotte, has been put up on walls in government and commercial offices around the world. Between June and September 2017, it was exhibited as part of the Vienna Biennale.

Screenshot of the GDS story home page

A GDS story — an online history of the Government Digital Service, written “about, for, on and of the web”.

show the thing poster

Blog posts at GDS — including the following:

sign saying 'there's loads more upstairs'

Use the human voice, not the corporate voice — a series of blog posts about communication, tone of voice, and how to write on behalf of an organisation:

What GDS is for

What GDS is for — a campaign of internal and external communications to explain one leader’s vision for his organisation’s future.

What is GOV.UK? — a short film about the government's website.

Government as a platform — a film that explains a complex idea in a simple way.

Other films I had a hand in creating include:

... and many more on the GDS YouTube channel.

Blockbox — a set of simple ideas and prompts to help you re-think your writing project.

The Morning News

Satire and silliness for The Morning News — a series of articles involving Britishness, interesting walks with argumentative dogs, the sound of the internet, doing Twitter by post, swearing and Lego.

Screenshot of some really old internet

14 years as a syndicated columnist — writing about the early years of the internet and cyberculture for the Press Association.

Photo of the Luvly book

Luvly — a book made out of old bits of website I found lying around.

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