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low-cost ambient broadcasting

A poster, yesterday

Various government teams have been making some fantastic posters over the last few years. But there isn’t a single place where they’re all collated and aggregated and curated. I thought about trying to do that, but I don’t have time to commit to it and keep it up to date.

Rather than do nothing at all, I thought I’d at least link to some of my favourites.

Posters by GDS

Show the thing

Find what works, not what’s popular

Good services are verbs, bad services are nouns

Two hours every six weeks

Make things open, it makes things better

Content design posters

It’s ok to…

The challenge is service transformation

User research tips

One thing per page

Posters from other places

Defra - community of practice posters

MoJ - service design posters

Home Office - accessibility posters

Home Office - discovery, alpha, beta, live posters

Yes yes ok but why?

Some people question the value of posters. I think they’re a useful way of getting simple messages out to large numbers of people. They help to reinforce concepts you’ve introduced in other ways, or to introduce new ideas to people who’ve not encountered them before.

Posters are also really good at pointing people to more detail that lives elsewhere, usually on the internet.

“This topic is something you should try to learn more about,” posters say. “Here’s where to go online to find out more about it.”

Posters are things that people see in passing. They’re a low-cost ambient broadcast mechanism. They only cost a few pounds to print, and they’re worth spending a few pounds on.

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20 Feb 2018