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2018 in review

A copy of Signals on a table, alongside a cup of tea

Another year done. Different from last year mainly because there were fewer clients and fewer small projects.

This year’s work was dominated by Public Digital as they scaled up from a small part-time team to a much larger full-time one. The pace and scale of the change there has been very impressive to witness, and play a small part in.

I was helping out with the blogging, but spent a lot of time making videos and making a book called Signals. I’m very pleased with them. We’re slowly building up an image and a persona for PD, a way for it to represent its thinking to the world. Like everything else that changes and iterates over time, so too do the things PD says.

The PD lot are clever and fun to be with. It’s a privilege to be working with them.

For the first half of the year I was still helping out at HM Land Registry; that work ended in early summer. Elsewhere: I’ve been doing ongoing bits and bobs of editing, writing and advising for Defra, a team at Department of Work and Pensions, and doteveryone.

In the last few weeks of 2018 I started a new part-time role helping the Department for Education’s digital team. There’s lots of good people working there, many of them familiar faces from GDS and other bits of UK government. It’s a strong team and they’re really just getting started.

2018 in numbers

3 foreign countries visited (Ireland, France, United States)

2 Slack teams joined (2 deleted)

6 professional engagements

63 nights away from home (up a lot on last year)

64 invoices sent

161 bookmarks saved

£4,000 (approx) spent on travel, mostly UK train tickets

25,351 minutes spent listening to music on Spotify

31 albums listened to in one weekend

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(5 Jan 2019)