👆Good Postcard Club (v2) (2020-)
Revived because it felt like a good idea for lockdown amid pandemic.

👆 Giles on the radio (2020-)
Presenting the 2-4pm slot on Fridays at West Wilts Radio.

👆 Monochrome (2019-)
An email newsletter about my efforts to become a better black and white photographer.

Listening to 1001 albums before I die (2019-) 
Otherwise, how will I know which ones are the good ones?

Black and white and RSS (2019) 
A set of photos you can only view if you subscribe to an RSS feed. 

👆 Signals (2018-2019)
A twice-yearly printed periodical, created and edited on behalf of Public Digital

👆 NOT ifications (2018)
A bot that tweets the opposite of notifications. 

👆 A guide to agile communication (2018)
A short summary of things I often say in meetings, written for colleagues in government.

Use the human voice (2017-) 
Me, branching out on my own after working in government for a few years. A limited company and means for me to send invoices to people. 

BoA Ticket Machine (2017-2018) 
Documenting the ways and times that the only ticket machine at Bradford on Avon railway station is not working. 

Doing Presentations (2017) 
With Russell Davies, Ella Fitzsimmons and Matthew Sheret, this website is a simple guide to doing presentations well. 

👆 Editing “Content Design” (2017)
Author Sarah Richards asked me to edit her first book, Content Design. The result was widely praised for its clarity and usefulness. Mark Hurrell did the design work. 

A GDS story (2016) 
My final act at GDS was to complete the first piece of work I’d been given there: a web-based history, documenting everything that the organisation had achieved in its first few years. 

👆 It’s ok (2016)
A poster designed to help newcomers to GDS feel at home. Words by me and other members of the GDS creative team, design by Sonia Turcotte. A year later, it was exhibited at the Vienna Biennale

Blockbox / Anti-blockbox (2014-2017) 
Blockbox is a set of ideas and prompts to help you re-think your writing project. Anti Blockbox is a parallel-universe set of prompts that hate you and your stupid idea.

👆Good Postcard Club (v1) (2014-2015)
Livening up people’s letterboxes with some postcards.

Luvly (2014) 
A book made of old bits of internet I found lying around on my rented server. Good enough for reading while you’re sitting on the loo. Not much better than that, though.

Bad transport poetry (2013-2014) 
Initially a Little Printer publication, later a newspaper you could print on demand, this was a collection of terrible poems about public transport. Not poems about bad public transport.

The John Peel record collection playlist (2012) 
Peel’s record collection was published online for the first time since his death. No-one had thought to turn it into a Spotify playlist, so I decided to do something about that.

Twitter by Post (2011) 
Actually doing Twitter through the post. It was expensive and very time consuming but also quite a lot of fun. This project was a finalist in the Online Journalism Awards 2012. 

Winner of the Best Regional Chip Shop Award, 2006 (2010) 
Short fiction, published by Every Day Fiction. 

👆Rising Slowly (2007-2008) 
A blog about the weather.

Satire and silliness for The Morning News (2007-2014) 
Contributions included names for Lego bitstalking dogspolitical nonsenseexplaining cricketstrange job interviewstactful bedsplayful kittensinternet noises, and many more. 

Moments from pop music history (2007-2014) 
Things that got left out of official band histories. Not all of them very true. 

The gorjuss mailing list (sporadically 1998ish – 2015, approx) 
An email newsletter, long long long before they were the new cool thing.

How to catch mice (2002) 
For a while after it was published, this page was the top hit on Google for “how to catch mice”. Unexpectedly and delightfully, the comments became a community. At least one couple got married after meeting each other in the comments on this page.