Giles on the radio
alpha-level broadcasting

Touch ye not the button of doom

I’ve started doing some very amateurish broadcasting on West Wilts Radio.

My current show is called Unreel, and it goes out at 8pm on Monday evenings on West Wilts Radio. It’s the show that plays the songs you hear less often.

Many variations of the Unreel logo

Monday night shows are repeated on WWR on Wednesday evenings, and are available to listen to whenever you like thanks to the archive of old shows.

Before that I hosted a show Friday afternoons - it didn’t really have a name - which was a little chattier and more accessible.

Local radio for local people

WWR is a community radio station for the town of Bradford on Avon and surrounding villages. All the presenters are volunteers, and most of us are learning the ropes. Don’t expect the BBC. Do expect something a bit different.

Radio is hard work

I’m just a beginner, but I already have a renewed respect for radio DJs and presenters. Think what it’s like when you have to concentrate on one thing, on one computer. Doing a radio show means concentrating on many things, on two or three computers and a mixing desk, and constantly switching your attention from one to the other.

You have to think several minutes in advance: what will play, or what will I say, when this song ends? I take a notebook with me to the studio and scribble in it, so I don’t forget what I intended to say when the moment comes.

It’s exhausting, but it’s lots of fun, and very satisfying when it goes well.

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(10 January 2020)